Access Pass

INTERAC is now available at the Welcome Centre!

Only debit cards are accepted. Sorry, no credit cards!

Access passes are available at the Welcome Centre of Club de Motoneige Onatchiway as of November 1st,2017.. This is also the main entry point for ZEC Onatchiway-Est.
Club de Motoneige Onatchiway is an independant club and access passes issued by the club are valid only on club trails.
Please note that Provincial Trail passes are NOT valid on Club de Motoneige Onatchiway trails and territory

  • A season pass for one snowmobile sells for $230.00
  • A season pass for a second snowmobile registered with the same owner and/or his spouse at the same address is $145.00.
  • Day passes sell for $60.00, but are valid for 3 days.( A refund of $30.00 may be obtained if snowmobiler exits the ZEC before 23h00 the same day)
  • Each additional day (after the initial 3 days)is $10.00.

  • Access passes are also sold at the following places of business: